Rome, Milan, Zurich, Munich.. you get the picture!

Shooting Live Music on Stage

I haven’t been taking pictures of bands in quite a while. Man, how could I ever forget just how much fun that was! This show took off in Milan yesterday night: “The Soundemotion” – rhythm and blues in Bar Verga. Here’s a small selection – check it out! The band is: Lorena Gioia, vocals Americo W. Costantini, drums Alberto Vegezzi, bass Maurizio Albini, guitar Diego Donelli, keys Stefano “Marlon” Marinoni,.. Read More

Photo Hack: Zero to Hero in a Twist of your Wrist

An easy-to-use, no-pro, DIY hack that will not only make you actually work with your camera, but will immediate boost your results. See this picture I took the other day at … . As a professional photographer I am often asked to give advice to friends or clients when they want to buy a new 
camera. Questions are most often “Nikon or Canon?”, “What do megapixels really 
mean?”, “Zoom or.. Read More

Christo & Jeanne Claude’s “Floating Piers” Project reveals “unsustainable”

If it is for „wrap-up“ artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude everybody can walk on water. After wrapping Paris’ Pont Neuf and the Reichstag in Berlin, Christo’s latest project „The Floating Piers“ invites you to do exactly that: Cross Lake Iseo and reach two of its islands in a half an hour stroll. The first section takes you from Sulzano to the main island Monte Isola (that is: “Mount Island”) where you.. Read More

As Brittany as it gets

For those of you who love broken colours, heavy clouds, being tossed around by heavy wind and the feel of salt water on the skin.. Here’s to you: Brittany in november. I made these shots with a Pentax 67 on Velvia 50. Bretagne-bretonnante. Cher Alain, c’est pour toi.

Two more weeks to go (and see): “Aquitaine & Brittany”

My first personal works exhibition is up for another two weeks until 26. april 2015. Location: Café della Frera, Via Zara 37, 21049 Tradate (VA), (Lombardy) Italy. Opening times: Every day, except sunday, from 7:15 am to 7:30 pm and thursday to 11 pm. Entry is free – it’s a cafeteria. When in november last year I went to shoot landscapes of the french atlantic coast I didn’t really think that the result could be anywhere near presentable. It.. Read More

Size matters (the Power of 6×9 Slides)

I recently discovered landscape photography for the “way of the soul” and with it the joys of working with film and those incredible “brick and mortar” cameras. For my landscape work I didn’t imagine shooting on my usual “swedish square” and while I was looking for alternatives for 120 film I came across some items, gems I might say, that I simply could not let pass by. Like this one:.. Read More

What’s collecting dust in your camera bag?

What's in the camera bag?

Recently a friend pointed my attention to yet another one of those “what’s in my camera bag” yawners with the attached question „Hi Phil, what would yours look like?” I reopened the bags I had just finished packing a minute ago, took the shot and sent it to him. Not knowing I was in western France on a photo trip that exact moment (he had known me hidden behind multiple.. Read More

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