My first personal works exhibition is up for another two weeks until 26. april 2015.
Location: Café della Frera, Via Zara 37, 21049 Tradate (VA), (Lombardy) Italy.
Opening times: Every day, except sunday, from 7:15 am to 7:30 pm and thursday to 11 pm.
Entry is free – it’s a cafeteria.

When in november last year I went to shoot landscapes of the french atlantic coast I didn’t really think that the result could be anywhere near presentable. It was my first ‘safari’ dedicated solely to finding a personal voice in landscape photography, a subject I had only recently discovered, and I was prepared to get many an unpleasant surprise – anything from insignificance to faulty exposure calculation – when I went back to the lab for my slides.

Beginning at the Cap Ferret (winter population ±300, in august ±10.000), a small village at the tip of a peninsula that creates the Arcachon basin (you might have heard of their oysters) I went on to the isle of Ré and finally reached the Pointe du Raz, one of many headlands of the rocky Brittany coastline.

Riprese a Morgat
Grazie William, per questa bellissima foto!

I came back with several hundreds of pictures, half of which I took with my Pentax 67II (on Fuji RVP Velvia 50), the other half with a Nikon D800. Though I’m not yet done with editing all of the motives, I have already set apart about a dozen of images that I particularly like.

Diapositivi sulla lavagna – un emozione tutt’analogica

Together with Mauro Tognola from Café della Frera we created a small exhibition of 7 of these pictures, printed in spectacular 23″ x 31″ (60 x 80 cm) by FotoGiò and mounted / framed by Andrea Canziani, whom I both thank for their beautiful work.

FotoGiò e Andrea Canziani
Bellissime stampe 60×80 cm su carta “perlata” da FotoGio

Take as an example the picture of these rocks from Morgat in Finistère (Brittany): I find it so amazing how a particular piece of Earth finds new ‘homes’ in Italy, and who knows where else.. (..hopefully!)

Café della Frera
“Aquitania and Brittany”. Me (left) and Mauro from the Café della Frera