Rome, Milan, Zurich, Munich.. you get the picture!

Sicily – Land of Emerald and Ocre

I wasn’t aware of how much actually! .. until I got back. This series of pictures where made during a trip along the western coast of Sicily, from Palermo to San Vito lo Capo, to Erice and all the way down to Agrigento, with it’s Valley of Temples (“la valle dei templi” – GeoTag) in early october.

A softer Rome

People try to capture the magic by taking pictures of the temple, the pond, the swans, ducks, statues, stones, benches..

Usually the inner city – the part tourists come to see – Via dei Condotti, leading to Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Stairs), the farmers and quincailleries market on “Campo di Fiori” square – it all vibrates with colors, rumors, perfumes. With it’s 2500 years of age it’s still very much “alive”! Rome can leave you breathless. This city¬†seems a fine tuned clockwork, where every move (of the only so.. Read More

The unbelievable Atlantic Ocean

Bathers looking out to the sparkling waves of the incoming high tide of the Atlantic Ocean in the late afternoon sun. The highlights and saturated color of the water produce the feeling of a deep and powerful element. (Tides can be extremely wild in this region and people are cautioned not to bath during the changing of the tides)

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