Usually the inner city – the part tourists come to see – Via dei Condotti, leading to Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Stairs), the farmers and quincailleries market on “Campo di Fiori” square – it all vibrates with colors, rumors, perfumes.
With it’s 2500 years of age it’s still very much “alive”!

Rome can leave you breathless.
This city seems a fine tuned clockwork, where every move (of the only so many allowed) has to occur in a certain time frame and executed with a particular attitude and at a specific speed. Italian politics are very much like this, too.

So we hold our breath in fear:
Fear of being ground by mad traffic. Everybody who has ever tried to cross Piazza Venezia (the 110.000 square feet roundabout with the shining white “typewriter” monument presiding it) knows what I’m talking about.

Or we hold our breath in awe (admiration):
Then there are the ancient monuments; they impose a certain silence and humility on us (we are aware of the importance of Imperial Rome’s achievements in every aspect of culture and daily life) and once again.

But over time I have discovered a few places, so quiet and “shy” where I know I can always return to and enjoy a ‘time out’. A place where I just sit and breathe and re-calibrate my senses.
I thought I’d share a few of these places with you today. In the titles you find the locations so you can easily look them up and sign them on your map before leaving the hotel.


1. The Tiber river banks (Lungotevere dei Tebaldi / dei Sangallo)

Tiber is never far if you are in the south-western part of Rome, around the imperial ruins or in Trastevere. During the day I always found very few traffic alongside the river, so I’ll sit on the wall and just enjoy the sound of leaves swaying in the breeze.


2. Via dei Banchi Vecchi

A little closer to Piazza Navona, the quiet neighbourhood has this unique italian relaxed feel – Just sit down and watch: a carpenter and a client in his workshop – he doesn’t want the job, he’s in love with the piece and knows he will spend too many hours with it. Two architects are walking by. The smell of roasted ognion is fogging the mind. The sound of cutlery and dishes…


3. Temple of Asclepius and pond (Park of Villa Borghese)

This place is just about peace, you can take all the pictures you want, but take the time to sit – maybe close your eyes – and wait until you calm down so you can hear the swans bodies silently floating on the pond.

I’ll update this post when I discover new magic spots.
Do you have magic places of your own in Rome? What do you like about them?
Please share your experiences in the comments and of course “like” if you like..! ;)