An easy-to-use, no-pro, DIY hack that will not only make you actually work with your camera, but will immediate boost your results. See this picture I took the other day at …
As a professional photographer I am often asked to give advice to friends or clients when they want to buy a new 
camera. Questions are most often “Nikon or Canon?”, “What do megapixels really 
mean?”, “Zoom or fixed?”, “SLR or not?” a.s.o. and I am usually slightly unhappy to “help” because the 
answers are anything but one-liners.
But today, it will be a little different, I will give unsolicited advice because I feel terrible if I won’t.
“It happens” when I am in a public place with a lot of tourists and some people have the “better” SLR cameras…

It’s not a bumper…
Now, I don’t know what people really think this thing on their lens is, though one thought must come very early on,
 and that should be: it cannot be there to make your photographer’s life harder – because that’s surely what it does,
“using” it this way!
If you are one of the “victims”, there’s help in sight; it’s easy, it’s fast, it has tremendous effect on your results immediately!
We’ll assume, your lens is at the wide end of it’s focal length (the low numbers on the zoom ring) then this strange
 plastic thing covers the zoom ring almost entirely so that, should you dare and try to change your field of view you
 actually cannot turn the ring. At best, you would have to take the camera from your eye, press two fingers in the
 gaps and mini-step-fumble your lens to a higher focal length where it’s then gradually freed from the hands-off-shield.
Now really how is it, that no one ever gets upset by this? They buy a 1,5 – 2,5 k$ camera and silently accept such a major construction flaw? Really, if that was my camera – and every other attempt to resolve the
 problem had failed, I would have tried to CUT IT OFF!
But, all this suffering will end today! Here’s the promised step-by-step guide:
Put your fingers around that crown-shaped thing, as if you’d wanted to protect your lens (just be sure not to accidentally touch the lens with your hand), get hold of the “bumper” and gently (with a little pressure to get over the “safe-click”)
 turn it right (looking down on the camera, hanging from your neck) until it comes off completely.
Phew* – bare with me, you’re almost done!
Now turn the thing (it still is only a “thing”) 180 degrees around its’ center (don’t panic, you cannot get that wrong –
 either direction is perfect – just make it half a circle – like turning over a postcard) and now put it back on the lens
 where it came off, turning this sunshade (YES, now it has a name and it’s pretty useful, too) to the left – be sure 
to get over “safe-click” this time as well, so it won’t fall off by accident.
… it’s a lens shade!
Remember the initial picture of … ? Now how’s this for a change?!
What else can I say? “Enjoy your camera!”
p.s.: Now it is an even better bumper this way round!